logo isgThe 18th EASD Islet Sudy Group Symposium (11-13 September 2008) will be held in Rome on the occasion of the 44th EASD Annual Meeting (7-11 September 2008).

The venue will be Villa Mondragone, one of the most beautiful villas on the hills around Rome. Built from 1573 onwards by pope Gregory XIII, the villa rises over the imposing remain of an ancient roman housing. In this villa the papal edicti Inter Gravissima was signed in 1582, with which the currently used Gregorian Calendar was introduced. Villa Mondragone was acquired by th Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata in 1981, and it is now the place of numerous national and international conferences. Villa Mondragone can be reached from Rome in approximately 60 minutes, and several hotels are located in the vicinity.

How to reach Villa Mondragone

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